Our Plants

Why do we have a meadow and why don’t we cut it?

The native meadow and other native plants that we have planted around the school are beneficial for water management, reducing our carbon footprint, habitat creation, and as a food source for many birds and insects. The roots of the plants in the meadow go a lot deeper than grass does, which makes it easier for water to soak into the ground, help take more pollutants out of the water, and sequesters more carbon. In the winter, birds rely on the dried seeds for food and the other material for making habitats, such as nests. In addition to making our school grounds more eco-friendly, the meadow can be a great resource to help students learn about life cycles, biodiversity, water cycles, habitat, and much more. We just installed a new paved path to our outdoor classroom and added a new sensory table, thanks to a grant from Lowe’s, to make the space more accessible and functional.

Our plants

This page will be updated soon with images and descriptions of some of the plants that we have in the meadow and around campus!