Future Plans

About a decade ago we created an ambitious concept plan for greening Cook-Wissahickon’s school grounds through a grant from the Community Design Collaborative.  We completed the plans to green the front of the school through the installation of a 14,000 square foot native meadow and outdoor classroom, in addition to adding 36 street trees around the perimeter of the school.  We are now working on the next phase of the plan, in partnership with Viridian Landscape Studio and Meliora Design, and which includes depaving about half an acre of the back schoolyard.  To learn more about the plan and to share your thoughts about it, please see the survey below:

We need to raise about $100,000 to complete the first phase of this project, which will be to depave and green around the back fenceline as well as replace the mats under the play equipment with a pervious rubber surface (highlighted in red below).

Phase 1 Schoolyard

If you would like to support us, you can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking on the donate button below.

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Thank you to the McLean Contributionship for a generous pledge of $25,000, to PECO for their donation of $10,000, and to the Philadelphia Water Department, MOM’s Organic Market, Schuylkill River Greenway, and the Delaware River Basin Commission for the Schuylkill River Restoration Fund for $22,000!
Thank you also to the Cook-Wissahickon HSA (and particularly the 5k organizers), Councilman Jones, Recyclebank, and all of our parents, teachers, and neighbors who have contributed to this project!